Intellectual Property and Human Development: Current Trends and Future Scenarios (2011) 
This publication from Cambridge Press was funded by the Rockfeller Foundation and took three years to research, analyze and draft. It offers a comprehensive overview of the IP system and provides analysis as to how it can best serve human development. Its Futures Scenarios chapter provides stimulating and innovative ideas.
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The IP Handbook of Best Practices (2007, with 2010 updates, and up-to-date information coming up)
This internationally well-respected IP tool was created through the collaboration of hundreds of IP experts in various fields and geographic locations. Although it has some strong focus on food security and global health, it is also relevant and applicable to anyone wishing to work with IP for economic and human development. In 2015, PIIPA became the official administrator of this valuable resource and will keep it updated through a network of IP experts with a broad range of IP experiences from many fields and parts of the world.
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PIIPA’s Bioprospecting Resource Guide, 2013 2nd Edition 
This PIIPA self-publication was originally made available in 2004 by a first Team of PIIPA IP Corps Members. It provides comprehensive and position-neutral lists and links to IP resources, from publications to tools, focusing on bioprospecting transactions. The Second Edition revisits and expands on that information through the contributions of a second Team of PIIPA IP Corps Members. Various parties from around the world have used it to address their local bioprospecting dilemmas.
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Women Are Smart, Motivated and Hard-Working: How to Convert their Energy into Sustainable Income (2014)
This PIIPA self-publication was commissioned by PIIPA through a call to its IP Corps. A talented and dedicated team of IP attys from the DC-office of Steptoe&Johnson produced this report, which was presented at the First Annual Meeting of the Community of Practice on IP of the World Bank’s Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development 2014 Annual Law Week Conference. It is now available on that website, as well as from PIIPA. This report offers innovative commercial IP ideas to promote the economic and human development of women. 
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